Advantages of Blogging on Word Press

WordPress is a huge blogging platform. And all bloggers make their own blog on WordPress, in this post today we will know what are the advantages of blogging on Wordpresa.

If you ask anyone who blogs on wordpress. Are they easy to blogging on Blogger or is it easy to blogging on WordPress. So their answer will be wordpress. Because WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging platform. In this post, we will go about the 5 benefits of blogging on WordPress, so let’s start. But before them learn a little about WordPress.

What is wordpress

I tell you that I have already written a post on WordPress, if you do not know about wordpress well then you must read this post of ours. Click here to read the post.  I hope you enjoy our post. Now let me tell you in a small language what is wordpress. “WordPress is a free blogging software and it is absolutely free. You may not know that 32% of the blogs on the Internet are made only on WordPress. “

So let’s now know about the 5 benefits of blogging on wordpress. 

1. WordPress is absolutely free.

Now you must be a little confused here that this is how wordpress is free, so let’s know a little better that WordPress is divided into two parts, one is    and the other is . Now you must be thinking which of the two

Better then tell you about WordPress. com is for a personal blog while WordPress. Com is for professional blogging. All bloggers create their own blog on wordpress. Org, I will ask you to create a blog on WordPress.

( is free, but to create a blog on it, you will need  Hosting  and a custom domain name that you will need to buy.)

2. You can make quick money on WordPress.

Until you get money in blogging career, then we pay a lot of attention to blogging, if you want to earn money in real from blogging, then you created your blog on wordpress because you can make quick money on it. If we talk about Blogger, then we spend a lot of time on Blogger while on WordPress we can start earning money in that much time, if I tell our experience, then you can start earning money by blogging in 1-2 months on wordpress. Will give

What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

3. WordPress is SEO friendly.

You will know how important SEO is in blogging. If you do not know about SEO, then you  can know by clicking here  . wordpress is an SEO friendly platform, we can rank our posts faster than blogger on it. If you do not know much about SEO, then comment us below.

4. It gets complete control.

When we start blogging on WordPress, we get full control over it, while in Blogger we do not get it, we have to face a lot of limitation but in word press it is not so on word press we get to blog with full control over it. We can make our website as we want, because on WordPress we get many thousands of free themes and plugins which is absolutely cool. The is able to design the best to your blog on word press. And the good thing is that we can do blogging without any more information on it.

5.You can become a good blogger.

To be a good blogger, you have to do some good work. If you want to always be in blogging, then you have complete control over your blog on word press and you can do blogging according to your needs if you work hard in blogging. No one can stop you from being successful. And the good thing is that it saves a lot of time on you. Start word press blogging once. And blogging for 4 months, after that what result comes, tell us that 100 times word press is better than blogger in terms of blogging.

How to start blogging on word press.

If you want to start blogging on wordpress, then you have to buy two things, one is hosting and the other is custom domain name, then you can blogging on word press.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you have any question, then comment below.

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