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Earn Online Money From InternetEarn Online Money From Internet

Friends, you are welcome to my blog.
In today’s post, we will know how you can earn online paisa sitting at home from the internet.
Friends, I know that people who know less about the Internet, may consider it a fake post.
Friends, you can also earn paisa online sitting at home from the internet. Have you ever thought that there are many websites on the Internet, do those people blogging for free or not, they earn online paisa through blogging. Or you can watch on YouTube itself because many youtubers earn online paisa by uploading videos on youtube.

I know that those who have visited this website for the first time will be a little confused, you are not confused, I will give you information in full details.

Is it true that online paisa can be earned from internet.

Yes friends it is true that we can earn paisa online from internet. But you have to work on the real website. Only then you can earn money from internet.

How much money can we earn from the internet.

Friends, this depends on you and your work. But certainly I will say that many people are earning millions of rupees.

What do we need to earn paisa online from internet?

To earn money online from friends internet, we will need some things. Those are the things, let’s know…
1. Computer or laptop
2. Mobile
4. Gmail account
5. Bank account

Friends, at which place we will need all these things, let us know.
1. Computer or Laptop -; Friends if you have a computer or laptop. So it is very good because we save time by having a desktop screen. If you do not have a laptop or pc, then you can also work from mobile.
2. Mobile -; Friends, nowadays everyone has a smartphone. With mobile, we get everything in the society very easily because we can use it anywhere.
3. Gmail Account -; Friends, you will know that we cannot do anything without a Gmail account. Gmail is Google’s free service, a platform for messaging people for free. If you create an account of anything, you will need your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, then you should create a Gmail account first.
4. Bank Account -; Friends, we will need a bank account because we will transfer our money directly into the bank account by entering details of our bank account from the income we will have.
Friends, I will tell you 2 ways to earn money from internet right now

Blogger / Blogging

Friends, if you are a new visitor, then you will not know what blogging is, I will tell you what blogging is. Friends blogging means that you post a blog by creating your own website. This is called blogging. Friends, you can also create your own website for free. Click here for how to create a website for free.
Friends Blogger is Google’s free service. Through which you can create your own blog for free. If you want to create a website, then you go to Blogger and login with your Gmail account. After login, now you have to click on create blog and create a new blog. (I have already given all the information above.)
Blog After creating, click on the new post and write a good 15 to 20 posts and publish it.
Friends, we cannot make quick money from blogs because we have to work hard.
If you do not leave 15 to 20 posts and write posts, when visitors come to your blog, it means that people will start coming to your blog and your blog will start having 200 to 500 page views daily, then by placing ads on Google Adsense Can earn money
In the information about what is Google Adsense, I will tell you below. Click here


You guys watch Friends Youtube daily. youtube is Google’s free service. You can also earn money by uploading videos on youtube.
First you login to youtube and you upload your own made video.
Friends, I will request you not to upload copyrighted videos of anyone else, otherwise you cannot earn money well. I tell you what kind of video you should upload so that you can earn money from them. Like any tech, news, bauty, health, food, plotics, you upload the video on one topic,
friends, when your video view is 500 to 1000 thousand, then you can earn money by moneytize the video.
You can earn money by putting Google Adsense ads in videos by creating a Google AdSense account after having a live view on youtube. For more information about YouTube Click here

What is google adsense

Google Adsense is also a service of Google. This is the advertisement service where big companies give their ads to consider Google Adsense and in return for taking money from Google Adsense company. When we create adsense account of Google Adsense and add Adsense ads to our blog or YouTube, then Google Adsense starts to show our ads in our blog or website and then our income is there.
This work does something like this, when a visitor on our blog clicks on Google Adsense ads, then we get paid.

How to get payment ?

On the Internet, many companies receive payments through different means but transfer to Google Adsense direct bank. When there is 100 $ in your Google Adsense account then Google Adsense will transfer directly to your bank.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you still have a confuse or have any questions, then you can comment below.


If you are reading such a post on internet for the first time , how to earn money from blog,  then it means that you   are new in Blogging . In today’s post, we will learn “How to earn money from Blog”,

If you do not know how to earn money from Blog, then it does not matter, in this post today, you will know some ways so that you can know about how to earn money from Blog. So let’s know.

Note: –  If you are a new visitor to our blog and you do not know about all these, then you  can contact me  on Messenger . Or you can comment below.

Earn Money with Your Blog in 2021 ?

Although there are many ways to earn money from blogs, but some of them are more popular which we will tell you in this post. And all the methods given in this post are very good for earning money and all are real methods. So let’s know. Which is the way to wish money,

Google Adsense

Google adsense is the most popular way to earn money. Almost all bloggers make money from Google Adsense and use it, even I use Google Adsense. If you are a Hindi blogger and you want to earn money from Hindi blog, then Google Adsense is the best way for you to earn money,

If you want to know more about Google Adsense, I have already written a post on this, in which I have told  how to earn money from Google Adsense. So you can learn about Google Adsense by clicking on it. And if you want to know all the information about Google Adsense, then you can read the related post from our Google Adsense. 

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Progarm is the second most popular way to earn money after Google Adsense. Many people use Affiliate Program to earn money, many people say that good money cannot be earned from affiliate program on Hindi blog, in fact, those people are wrong if we use affiliate program properly. If we can make good money from it. I also use affiliate program but I do not pay much attention to affiliate program but trust me, if you work hard, you can earn more money than Google Adsense.

Those who know less about the affiliate program, I tell them in a little detail, but for more information you can read the post written on it. In the affiliate program, we have to sell anything from another company, if a visitor on your blog buys something with the help of that cell, then you get a commission from it. Although there are many affiliate program companies, but I am mentioning some company names from which you can join and earn money. ex., Flipkart, Hostgator, blue host, Godaddy and many more,

To know more about the affiliate program, you can read the post written on it or you can contact us on Messenger.


People who may not know about this method and will be a little confused, promotion means that you can earn money by promoting something in your blog. Let us know in some details.

This method will not work in the beginning when your blog becomes a bit popular, then you can use this method, what you have to do is that when your blog becomes a bit more popular, many companies will ask you to advertise your blog. But you will ask to do the show, if you advertise his blog on your blog, then that company gives you money in return.

Or if someone needs a backlink, you can earn money by giving him a backlink. For example, suppose someone posted a guest on your blog and you take money to post a guest, then you give a backlink in exchange for money. This method is also good, but for this method your blog should be popular.

E-Book sell

If you are blogging, then you must be writing an ebook (just like you write your blog post in the same way as writing good information in a note), as if you can consider a book, how much information is written in it, in the same way you Anyone can write information in the ebook. Like – start blogging, SEO guide etc.

Also, by writing information on the topic, you can share it on your blog through Ebook. And you can earn money from it.

AT Last.

So friends, I hope you liked our post, if you have any question, comment below.

All the ways I mentioned above are popular ways to earn money from blogs, and all bloggers use all these methods. If you depend only on Google Adsense to earn money, then you must try these methods with it.

How to Use WordPress ? Beginner’s GuideHow to Use WordPress ? Beginner’s Guide

If you are a blogger then you will know what wordpress is, people who do not know, in this post, I will tell about what is wordpress.

There are many platforms in blogging which is WordPress on 1st and Blogger on 2nd. In Sharuati, every new  blogger  starts blogging  from Blogger platform  only after that they come to WordPress. And those who do not know what is WordPress. I will tell them about this in this post, so let’s know.

What is wordpress ?

WordPress is a CMS (open source and content management system. Written on PHP and mysql. Through WordPress we can share our information with the logo. WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on 27 May 2003 Gone. On WordPress we need hosting to create a blog. 30% of the website on the Internet remains on WordPress.

Type of wordpress

There are two types of WordPress. Many new bloggers are unable to understand which blog to create on WordPress.

1. is  a free blog making platform on which we can create our blog for free, but we cannot make money on it.  We do not get any option to apply AIDS separately on You can earn money through WordAds on . Only personal people make their blog on it.< is  absolutely free on which we get many themes and plugins for free. is free, but to make a blog on it, we have to take hosting and custom domain name and install wordpress on hosting. We then go and create a blog on our WordPress. All bloggers make blogs on this.

Benefits of creating a blog on WordPress

*  It’s free : – Using  WordPress is free. There are thousands of free themes and plugins to enhance the design and functionality of your website. However you have to pay for web hosting.

*  It is easy to learn  .: –  Wordpress is a free software. And it is very easy to learn. Because in this we get thousands of themes and plugins for free. And together we can use WordPress without any technical knowledge.

* Community  : There are “WordCamp” conferences about WordPres in all major cities of the world. These are a great opportunity to learn more, have fun and meet other bloggers.

*  Beautiful Design  : We have more level themes available for free on wordpress. And on this we can easily give a good design without any coding. The best thing about this is that in one click there is an option to install the theme and also to customize it completely.

*  It is SEO-Optimized:  You always want your website to be  SEO  ready and get good results in search engine, then wordpress is fully  SEO Optimize  . Note: –  We recommend you to install the Yoast SEO plugin as it is also free and very popular.

* Easy to earn money : WordPress allows you to advertise as many as you want on your site. There are plugins on WordPress that will add advertisements to your site. And  by signing up for a service like Google Adsense , they can earn money by applying their aids. And you can earn money in many ways.

*  Security:  WordPress core is designed with security in mind and fixing is always going on to make it even stronger. And with the availability of security plugins and a good web host, you can protect your site.

*  Multimedia enabled : –  If you  want to add images Youtube videos, tweets and soundcloud audio to your site  then you can with WordPress. Because on this you will get many plugins, with the help of which you can control everything easily. Vs WordPress. Who is better at org.

Right now, it will be confusing in your mind that   who is better and who is better in  and . I will not prolong this post much but I will tell in simple language.

1. We can create a blog for free  on , while a word  name and hosting  is required to create a blog on .

2. On  we do not get complete control whereas   on we get complete control.

3. On  , we have to pay more money to take advantage of the entire future, while   on we can raise all the future for free.

4. We cannot put our AIDS on While on we can put our favorite aids.

5. After creating a blog on, you get a free subdomain name which is  wordpress. com  . Whereas on wordpress.Org we have to add custom domain name.

Note: –  You must now know that it would be right to create a blog on the platform of Ko. If you want to earn money in Serious by blogging. So create a blog on

What is required to create a blog on

All pro bloggers   create their own blog at . Because we get many things for free, we can download and use many themes and plugins for free here.

If you are new to the world of blogging, then what is coming in your mind about what things are needed to create a blog on

1. First of all we  need a  hosting . You will find many wordpress hosting providers on the Internet, but I would  recommend you to get hosting from some hosting providers  as I also use hosting from this company. ex: –  Hostgator ,  Bluehost , Godaddy  etc. You can buy good hosting from all these hosting providers for a low price. You can buy hosting for only 99 ₹ per month. (If you are thinking about buying hosting, comment below can give you 30-50% off.

2. Domain name is very important for us because only then our blog opens. You will find many companies to buy domain names, if you want to buy a domain name from a good company. So you can buy it from Godaddy. All my domains are registered on this. If you are thinking of buying a domain name for less than 100 ₹, then  I have told about 5 domain names that are available for less than 100 ₹.

Now you will know   what is required to create a blog on . If you still have any questions, then comment.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you have any problem anywhere, then contact me immediately?

Adsense auto ads reviewAdsense auto ads review

Google Adsense is very important for all bloggers to earn money from blogs because they can earn money from their blogs with this help.

Those who are new about Adsense, then those people will not know what Adsense Auto Ads is. So in that post, we will tell about adsense auto ads and how it is setup, and I will also tell you what is the benefit of this and I will give you all these information, so let’s know.

What is Adsense Auto Ads.

This is a program from Adsense which will show Adsense’s AIDS auto on a blog. Adsense Auto Ads means that Adsense will automatically show AIDS on your blog. In this, Adsense customizes your blog and shows AIDS according to his own so that visitors and visitors to your blog do not have any problem.

If you use Adsense Auto Ads. So the biggest advantage in that is that Adsense shows AIDS itself, which has the advantage that any visitor can click it easily and auto aids work better than manual aids. Which will increase your income.

And if you use Adsense Auto Ads, then one of the disadvantages of this is that Adsense that gives us code has to add that code to the blog, due to which the loading speed of our blog is reduced which is reduced by about 15%. .

How to setup Adsense Auto Ads.

It is very easy to setup, just a code has to be added to the blog. If you have added the code after applying AdSense, then leave it as it is also auto ads.

To setup Adsense Auto Ads, you follow all the steps below us.

Step 1.0

First you login to your AdSense account and after login, you will see ¡¡¡such icon in the top left side. Ispe to click after Ispe click Menu will open so you Ads click on Ads is to click on the Auto Ads to click on. You can see it in the picture below.

Step 2.0

After clicking on auto ads , you will open a new page which you can see in the photo below.

By clicking on the pen icon that you are seeing, you can customize Auto Ads according to yourself, in this you can select what type of aids you want to appear on your blog, how you can customize it Yes you want to know

Step 2.1

After clicking on the icon with Pen, you will open a new page. You can see in the picture below.

In this, you will get many options. Let me tell you all about what work of AIDS.

  • Text And Display ads- In this, you get two types of aids, one is text aids and the other is display aids, that means it will have a text aids show, sometimes a picture aids show.
  • In Feed ads- This will be an AIDS show among all the posts on your homepage.
  • In-article ads- This will be its AIDS show in the middle of the post.
  • Matched content- According to your post or post will be similar AIDS show
  • Anchor ads- You must have seen in many websites that sometimes there are AIDS shows in the header or sometimes in the footer, there is always a show.
  • vignette ads- It has an AIDS show in the background.

Note: For more information, you can learn by clicking on Learn more .

Step 2.2

Enable any AIDS you want to show. Once enabled , click on Save .

Step 3.0

After clicking on Save , you will come back to the same page, you can see in this photo.

Now you have to click on Setup Auto Ads . After clicking on it, you will get a code.

This code has to be copied.

Step 4.0

After copying this code you have to paste the code in the head in the blog .

Blogger and you paste the code below the head of the HTML Edit Save owe tax.

And by clicking on the editor in wordpress, paste the code under Head and save it.

If your AIDS is not shown immediately, then you wait a little, AIDS show will start in a while.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you have any problem anywhere, then you comment.

How to Install WordPress from cPanelHow to Install WordPress from cPanel

If you are a new WordPress blogger and you  don’t know about “How to Insatll WordPress with Cpanel.” No problem, you have come to the right blog, here you will get all the information of WordPress if you have all the information of WordPress. If you want, please visit our website.

In today’s post, I will tell you that you should follow all our steps for complete information about ‘How to install WordPress from Cpanel’. But before reading further, we get to know a little about Cpanel. You can read the post written on it for more information.

What is cpanel.

Actually, cpanel is a web hosting software that makes it easy for the user to control. We can control our hosting with the help of this, there are different tools for the user so that they easily control their hosting.

How to Insatll WordPress from Cpanel.

Now it comes to how to install wordpress from Capnel. So for this, you follow all our steps, so let’s start.

step 1.0

First of all, from where you have hosted you   login to Cpanel  (the cpanel’s username and password must have come to you by email.) When you login to Cpanel you have to find SOFTACULOS Apps, you will find it in cpanel.

As you can see in the picture above, this type will be something. Here you will find many scripts, but you just have to click on wordpress, after clicking on wordpress a new page will open.

Step 2.0

The page that opens in front of you will be something like this.

Here you will be shown some information that 38.07 MB will be required to install wordpress. Now you have to click on Install Now  here  . Now you will open a new page again.

STEP 3.0

After clicking on Install Now, the page that will open, you have to feel some information which is very important for you.

In this, you have to select the version of WordPress, select New version.

Here you want to open your blog with http: // www or https: www / http, select it.

Leave your domain in it. Leave the empty box visible below and empty.

In this, you have to enter your blog title.

In this, you have to add your blog description.

For wp admin you enter your username

Enter your password for wp admin.

You enter your email address.

Now you do not have to do anything, you have to come down and click on Install.

Step 4.0

Now your wordpress install will start. It may take you 1-2 minutes. When your wordpress is installed, that page will look like this.

Here you will get 2 links, one to your blog and the other to Wp admin, you can reach here from your wp admin.

Note: – If you have made a mistake while installing wordpress, then you can fix it.

So friends, I hope you liked our post, if you have any problem then you can comment below.


WordPress is a huge platform in the blogging field and it is also the most popular in this post. In this post we will talk about what it is, why it is different from all hosting and how it works. So let’s know.

As wordpress is very popular, many hosting providers created a new hosting for WordPress, of which only WordPress can be controlled. Which we will know in this post.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting.

WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting designed for WordPress. In this hosting, we only get control of WP-Admin, the rest is provided by the hosting provider. In this we neither get Cpanel panel control nor Plesk panel control. This hosting is different from all hosting. In this hosting, we do not need to take much tension.

How WordPress Managed Hosting Works

In this hosting, we do not get to control much, in this hosting, we only get access to wp-admin and SFTP (File Transfer protocol). This hosting has a separate server which is only for WordPress. WordPress is installed on the same server. It is completely like VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, just we do not get full control. Just as VPS hosting works, so does hosting.

Advantages of WordPress Managed Hosting.

As I said above, this hosting is completely different from all hosting and what are its benefits. So let’s know below.

* This work is available for a price: –  If you want to buy WordPress Managed Hosting, then you will get it at a very low price in India. In India, you can get up to ₹ 299-600 ₹.

* This is different from all hosting.: – In  this hosting, we do not get much control because the hosting provider does all the control in it.

* Easy to setup.: –  If you do not know much about WordPress and hosting, then you must try this hosting once because it is very easy to setup, in this hosting we can easily without any technical information Can be setup.

* No tension of  going offline : – After setup in WordPress Managed Hosting, you do not need to take much tension in it, you do not have to have the tension of your website being offline even if the website is overloaded.

* Maintenance: – In  this hosting, you do not need to take much tension because the hosting provider itself updates the plugins, themes, and more.

* Speed ​​Optimize: –  This hosting is only for WordPress, so in this hosting the website is given full speed, due to which it makes your website load faster without any interruption. And you can speed optimize this hosting by yourself.

* Security: – In the case of WordPress security, WordPress keeps on updating. And the hosting providers also support it openly so that there is no shortage in terms of security.

* Support: – When you buy this hosting, you get support in this hosting by opening from the hosting provider.

Disadvantages of WordPress Managed hosting

Where there are advantages of this hosting, there are some disadvantages of this hosting as well. And let’s know what that is.

* Not much control is available.: –  If you want to have complete control of hosting, then this hosting is not for you because we do not get much control in this, in this hosting we only get control of WP-Admin.

* No Money Refund: –  When you buy another hosting, you get the option of Money Refund in it, but in WordPress Managed Hosting you do not get any money refund option.

WordPress Managed Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Many people are wondering what is the difference between VPS (virtual private server) and WordPress Managed Hosting. So the only difference between these two is that in VPS hosting we get complete control whereas in WordPress Managed Hosting we get control of WP-Admin only.

Why is this hosting different from all hosting?

You get complete control in any hosting while in WordPress Managed Hosting we get control of Wp-admin only. And one thing we need more technical information on other hosting, whereas on managed hosting we do not need much technical information. And one thing is that its security is more than other hosting.

HindiQuick supports this hosting.

Yes, it is true that  supports this hosting because I have been using this hosting for the last one year but I have not seen any problem with this hosting so far, nor have I ever seen Downtime. And its support is very good, just called once and the solution to any problem is found immediately. I was new in terms of WordPress, so I   bought WordPress Managed Hosting from Godaddy , at that time I did not even know much but without any knowledge in this hosting, I created a blog on WordPress, so I love this hosting and I like this hosting in Future Will keep using

Note: –  If you are new to WordPress and you do not know about WordPress nor about hosting, then select this hosting.

If you also want to choose a good hosting, then I would recommend this hosting to you because I have used this hosting for many days, which got me good results.

So friends, I hope you liked our post, if you have any question or need any information, then you can comment below.

What is a Gold Loan and How Does it WorkWhat is a Gold Loan and How Does it Work

Just as a loan can be taken in exchange for Fixed Deposit, Property, Shares & Security , in the same way it can be taken in exchange for Gold . A Gold Loan is a type of Secure Loan , so to take such a loan Borrower has to mortgage some Goled Jewelery near the Bank or Non-Banking Financial Corporations (NBFCs) as a security. The securities can be in the form of Jewelery and Gold Coins ( Jewelery and Gold Coins ) . Once the loan is awarded, Borrower returns his ornaments only when they pay the loan Amount with interest (With Interest).Pay Lender in full.

Gold Loan – Why

Under the Gold Loan option, a minimum interest charge is made in exchange for a loan from Borrower, as it is a Secure Loan category, so Borrower is required to pledge gold as security in lieu of the loan.

The duration of the Gold Loan can be anywhere from a few days to 5 years and if the Lender wishes, he can provide the loan for a longer period.

If the Borrower prepares the Gold Loans, most Lenders in this case do not penalty charge any of the Borrower.

To take a Gold Loan Borrower has to submit at least Document and even PAN Card is not mandatory.

Gold Loan – Features

If Borrower needs instant money, then Gold Loan is a better option as Borrower neither has to provide any kind of Income Certificate nor any kind of Credit History to take such a loan . That is, this loan does not depend on Borrower’s income and credit history .

Gold loan is a category of Secure Loan, so its processing time is very less, interest rate is also less than Borrower and Gold loan is provided for the duration from Short Term to Medium Term .

Borrower has the option to pay only the Interest Component ie if Borrower can pay only the interest if desired and Principal Amount can be paid a lump sum at the end of the term of the loan .

On taking a Gold Loan, the paperwork is very less. Only Personal ID and Address Proof are required as paperwork .

Gold Loan – Required Eligibility Criteria

Borrower does not need to Satisfy any Specific Eligibility Criteria to take a Gold Loan, for this it is only necessary to Fulfill the following Eligibility Criteria.

Borrower must be over 18 years of age .

Borrower by Submit going to be Gold, Borrower must own that all pledged Documents Borrower should be called.

Gold Loan – Interest Rate

Most Gold Loan directly to Banks and NBFCs very low Asked Loan granted in return, Gold Interest Rate to Charge. Normally, Lender charges Interest Charge up to 3% -5% of Base Rate while providing Gold Loan . Thus, the interest rate of Gold Loan for 10% Base Rate will be 13% -15% per annum.

Gold Loan – Required Documents

In order to take a loan other than a Gold Loan, it is necessary to provide several types of documents to Borrower, as there Documentation plays a major role in whether the loan is approved or not, but it is not in Gold Loan, Rather, the applicant applying for this has to provide only the basic KYC details , which is as follows

  • Two Passport Size Photo.
  • Copy of any document in Passport, Aadhar Card, Ration Card or Driving License as Identity Proof .
  • Address Proof as Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill or any other Utility Bill of

Important things related to Gold Loan.

  • The amount of loan that Borrower will receive in exchange for their pledged gold depends entirely on the value of the gold that Borrower deposits as a security.
  • Before the gold is taken over by banks and NBFCs, they check the value and purity of the gold and only then the loan is provided.
  • After the lender checks the purity of the gold and determines the current market value of the gold, 75% of the value of that gold is approved as a loan.
  • Although the Gold Jewelry All Banks and NBFCs accept as security, but Bars are not accepted by specific types of Gold Coins only Banks is accepted by.
  • If the gold pledged by the applicant for taking the Gold Loan, if it also contains precious stones, then 75% loan of the same Gold Value is approved as it contains Gold.
  • The interest rate of a gold loan also varies depending on how long the loan is being taken and how much Amount the loan is to be taken.

Hopefully, this post related to What is Gold Loan was useful for you. If Trading, Investments And Personal Finance do it and if you want to better understand, Register, so every new Post you can get on your Email and if the Post to be useful and informative for you, Like to Give and your Share with friends and followers . Maybe, they also find these posts useful.

Cloud hosting advantages and disadvantagesCloud hosting advantages and disadvantages

I explained in a previous post what web hosting is. And I told about all the hosting in it. In which I had given some information, so in this post we will know about a hosting which is cloud hosting .

Many people know very little about this hosting. Because more people use shared hosting, VPS Hosting and wordpress Managed Hosting due to which less is known about these hosting. So in this post I will explain about cloud hosting, what is cloud hosting, how it works., What is its use. I will give you all the information in this post. So let’s know.

What is Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting works on different servers. All of which are connected to each other. Which is completely opposite from shared hosting. In this, different servers are connected to keep your site live, due to which your website can always live and in it future is given according to the need. In this hosting the downtime of the website is very less. Because it has different servers. On this hosting, your website does not work on one server, on this hosting you website works on different servers. Because of which it is called “cloud hosting”.

How Cloud Hosting Works

As I mentioned above, it works on different servers. It is very flexible. Meaning if your website gets more traffic or overload. So it starts working on another server instead of having downtime. Due to which it can handle the website easily without downgrading the website. By the way, it also depends on the hosting provider, if you take a low budget hosting from the local hosting provider. So you may see downtime in it. Therefore hosting should be taken from a good hosting provider.

Benefits of using Cloud Hosting.

One has to pay to use any hosting. Because all the hosting has to be purchased, then we get permission to use the hosting. But in many hosting there is a limit of futures which we can use as much as we can pay. But in cloud hosting, we get to use as per our requirement. And let’s know below what its benefits are.

* OS (Operating System) Picks: – In Cloud hosting, we can select the operating system of our choice. Meaning- Linux or Windows.

* Finesse: – Controls the entire server configuration through a web-based interface. Due to which the website is saved from being down.

* Best of all hosting.: – Yes it is true that it is better than all hosting. Because we get to use it according to need. And together we get less downtime.

* Trusted: – Instead of hosting on one server, it is hosted on different servers and prevents the website from being offline. Because of which we can have full faith in it.

Load Loading: – In this hosting, we get the option to use according to the requirement. It works on different servers instead of working on one server, due to which it handles maximum load easily.

Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is called VPS (virtual private server). Dedicated hosting is always located in a secure and stable data center. Which saves you from different foundations. You have complete control over this hosting and you can optimize it according to your own. But if your need is more, then you will have to buy the hosting again, while in Cloud Hosting you can change according to your own, in addition to dealing with downtime, you can add on many networks or any other server. In cloud hosting you can increase your disk space, bandwidth without any more setup. While in VPS hosting we cannot do this.

Future of Cloud Hosting

Earlier people used to select cloud hosting very rarely, but its popularity has increased a lot in the last several years. Due to this popularity, its price has also come down, due to which all the small business companies also use it. Now people have learned the use and benefits of Cloud Hosting. Because of which its future is getting better. Perhaps everyone in the future can use this hosting.

At Last

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Step-by-Step Guide to Start a WordPress Blog in 2021Step-by-Step Guide to Start a WordPress Blog in 2021

If you are a new blogger, then do read this post once. Because I am going to share some information in it.

If you  want to earn money from Blogging. So definitely read this post once. Must have heard the name of WordPress and why it is good in the content of blogging, then we will talk about it today, so let’s know.

What is wordpress

I have already written a post on it. If you don’t know what wordpress is. So First of all, definitely know about wordprrss. And in a simple language, WordPress is a blogging platform. And it is  SEO  friendly. For more information about WordPress, you should read our post on WordPress.

Maybe now you know about WordPress, so let’s know why blogging should be done on WordPress. So follow all our steps below.

* We can do blogging without any knowledge.

If you are a new blogger and you feel that blogging on wordpress one is not an easy task, then you are completely wrong. WordPress is an easy platform to do in the medium of blogging, if you blogging on WordPress then you will not need much information here. Because you can do any work on it with the help of plugin. We do not need HTMl nor any other language on wordpress, because much of the work is done with the help of plugins.

* WordPress SEO is friendly.

In a blogging career, we   also have to take care of SEO . Because we cannot rank our blog without Seo. Wordpress is an SEO friendly software. And it comes at the top in terms of blogging. 32% of the blog / website  across the Internet is  made only on WordPress as it is the best platform for blogging.

* Most things are free on WordPress.

Probably you know most things are absolutely free on WordPress whether we talk about its theme or any plugin. We get thousands of themes and plugins for free on WordPress.

* You can make quick money on WordPress.

If you want to earn money from the Internet serially, then I will definitely ask you to blogging on WordPress. Because on WordPress you can earn money quickly. And speaking of Blogger platform, it takes time for our blog to be ranked on it because on Blogger we are not able to select target keywords whereas on WordPress we get the option to select a target keyword. With which we can rank our blog easily. And we can earn money quickly on wordpress. If I tell your experience, then you can start earning money on WordPress in 1-2 months.

* Full control will be in your hands.

One advantage of creating a blog on WordPress is that it gives us complete control, which will be good for new bloggers and if we talk about the Blogger platform, then we do not get full control in it, so that we can not make the blog the way we want. . Whereas on WordPress we can make it as we wish.

* Your time will be saved.

If you are a part time blogger and you have to manage time, then select WordPress. The more time you spend on Blogger platform, the more time you start earning money on the wordpress platform.
😎Time Is Money and Not Money is time😎

If you feel that it is wrong to invest a little money in blogging, then you are thinking completely wrong, as long as you do not invest money in blogging, you will not fulfill your need from blogging. If you want to earn real money from blogging, then start blogging on wordpress, but to start blogging on wordpress, you will have to invest a little money. Comment for more information.

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Jetpack Review 2021: Should You Use It?Jetpack Review 2021: Should You Use It?

You must have heard about the Jetapck plugin on WordPress, and in today’s post, we will learn about the jetpack plugin, what is jetpack and why to use it.

Jetpack is most commonly used. Almost all pro bloggers use the jetpack plugin and even use Jatpack. So let’s know.

What is jetpack plugin?

Jetpack Plugin is  made by  . It is managed by wordpress.Com. There is a lot of future involved. Which you get in the same plugin. Jetpack has been installed by more than 5 million people in their WordPress blog so far, what are its benefits, we will go further,

Benefits of using Jetpack Plugin,

While there are many advantages to using Jetpack, I will tell you its top 5 benefits,

1.Website Monitring

If you want to know when your website is offline and when it goes online, the jetpack plugin will take full care of it, (I like this future so much, I use it for this.) Whenever your If the website is offline, it immediately mails it to our email that your website has gone offline and all the information is present in it. It stays and when your website is online, then it also sends a mail that your website has been online and in this it tells how long your website has been offline,

If you want to monitor your website then you can use jetpack.

2. Auto Social Share

After you write a post on your blog, when you share your post on Soil Media, it takes a lot of time, you can share your post directly on social media using jetpack. When you write your blog and post and publish it, jetpack plugin Automatic will share your post on social media. If you want to make these tasks easier then you can use Jetpack plugin.

3. Security

All bloggers want to keep wp admin as secure as possible because they do not want their blog to be hacked, you can use many plugins for security, but in the Jetpack Plugin you get more security to login. Because of this, no one can access your wp-admin quickly. In this, you get 2 step verification security, that means whenever you login to your wp admin, then a message will be sent to your phone, there will be a code in it, you will have to enter that code only after that you will get access to the wp admin. This is the best future of jetpack plugin. And it also includes security-related and future.

4. Website Speed,

Every plugin has to install different plugins and all the plugins are made with the help of JavaScript which reduces the speed of our website, but Jetpack plugin contains many futures, due to which we install less plugin You can complete your work without doing it, which will benefit that the speed of our website will not be reduced. And there is also an option to reduce website speed in jetpack plugin.

5. Blog Stats

You want to know how many visitors come to your post and which posts get more views, then it is available in the Future jatpack plugin. In it, you will get all the information that you want to know. If we talk about any other plugin, they do not show us the real statuses, whereas we can see in the jetpack plugin.

At last

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours. If you are blogging on wordpress, then definitely use the jetpack plugin, although there is a lot of future in jetpack plugin but I have told you some important future in this post.

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