If you are a website developer. So you will know how important web hosting is to live a website on the Internet.

In this post, I will tell you what is web hosting.

Every blogger has the same dream that their website is live very well and ranks in search engines. So in this post I will also tell you which hosting will be better.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a type of  internet hosting service  where any website is hosted. Which allows any person and company to make the   website live online through the world wide web . web hosting Provider company that provides space  and  server  to its clients  .

In other words,

As if you assume that your phone has 32gb space, then you can do whatever you want in the 32gb space of your phone, in the same way with the help of web hosting you  internet ? But you can make your website live as you like.

History of web hosting,

Before proceeding further, we also know the history of web hosting. Let’s know a little bit.

Till 1991,   more  research on science  and engineering was conducted on the Internet and  email , Telnet , FTP  and  Usenet  were used to bring traffic  . But at that time there was a lack of web page. As you know, computers  and  servers  were needed to make the website live on the Internet, at  that time not all companies had the budget and experience to do so. But the very company has its own  server But the user’s website started to be shared with web hosting without the necessary basic framework. After that, they were able to create the website and their website was hosted on the server by the web hosting provider and their website was published by web hosting.

After that , the number of users on the worls wide web started increasing, the company started to get under pressure. In 1995  , companies like Geocities, angelfire  and  Tripod  started web hosting for free. And after 1999, many of the company had started hosting hosting. How to tell the history of web hosting?

Types of web hosting

There are many types of web hosting. So let’s know what kind of hosting is there.

1. Shared Web Hosting

This type of hosting means that a lot of websites are hosted on the same hosting. This hosting is very cheap. And for a beginner website developer, this hosting is very good. If you want to buy this hosting then you will get it in India at 99 ₹ monthly. Down to buy this hosting? Click.

2. Reseller web hosting

This hosting means that any user can create a web host provider by himself. Meaning you can share hosting to someone else by creating your own hosting. Down to buy this hosting? Click.

3. Managed WordPress hosting

This hosting is designed for WordPress only. In this, we only get the option of wp admin in hosting and hosting provider does the rest. This hosting will be available to us in India at 229 ₹. I use this hosting. Click below to purchase this hosting.

4. VPS web Hosting ( virtual private server)

As you may have known by the name, which is this hosting? This hosting is private hosting. This means that you only have the right to manage your hosting in your own way. In this, a private server is provided for your website. This hosting is used by big website developers. You will get this hosting between India 1800-2000 ₹. Click below to purchase this hosting.

5. Dedicated web hosting

This hosting means that users can use this hosting as they wish. This is very expensive hosting. The user has complete control over this hosting. The user is the complete owner of this hosting. Click below to purchase this hosting.

5. Cloud web hosting

This hosting means that these users will get to use as much as they pay. Because it is a reliable hosting. To purchase this hosting? Click.

India’s Best Hosting Provided Company,

If you are looking for the best hosting provider company in India, then you can buy hosting from these sites.

1.   I would recommend to buy hosting on this website in hostgator first in India. My website is also on hostgator.

2.  Bluehost  is the second most used company in India.

3. Hostinger is  also the third used company in India.

Note: –  If you are new in hosting, then   buy hosting from hostgator because you can do it here for good hosting and payout at low price by paytm, mobile wallet, chek, debit card.

So guys this was that all about hosting that you should if you  wordpress  want to learn new and wordpress then  shared web hosting  purchase.

I hope you liked this information, if you like our post or have any question, then comment below.

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