How to install wordpress plugins manually

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Today in this post I will tell you how to upload a plugin on WordPress, so let’s know. To know how to upload plugin on WordPress, follow all our steps. Before proceeding, let us know about the little wordpress plugin.

What is wordpress complete information.

To make blogging easy on WordPress, all these plugins are made by WordPress, which make these plugins on different developers, so the WordPress user does not have much trouble, so they can do any work with the help of the plugin. If you do not know any language, then you can correct your blog on wordpress with the help of these plugins.

What is wordpress complete information.

Step 1.0

First you go to the dashboard in your wordpress, after coming in the dashboard, you have  to click on the plugin  , then you have  to click on Add New  . After clicking on Add New  a new page will open.

step 2.0

In this page, you will see Upload Plugin  at the top,  click on it. After clicking on it, you will get the option to select the file.

As you can see in the picture, Choose  File  option is coming, click on it

What is WordPress Managed Hosting.

step 2.1

After clicking on file choose, you will be able to access your file manager, find and select the plugin you want to upload here. After selecting it, now  click on Install Now  . Now your plugin will start uploading. It may also take some time to upload the plugin. So wait for a while.

Note: – WordPress only uploads the plugin to the Zip file.

Step 3.0

After uploading the plugin, you will open this kind of page. After the plugin is uploaded, you will get the option to activate.

As you can see in the picture above. Now you  Activate Plugin  is to click on will be to activate the plugin click on Activate Plugin. If you do not want to activate the plugin, you can click on Return to Plugin Installer and follow it.

So friends, I hope you got some help from this post, if you have any question or have any problem then you can comment us.

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