Jetpack Review 2021: Should You Use It?

You must have heard about the Jetapck plugin on WordPress, and in today’s post, we will learn about the jetpack plugin, what is jetpack and why to use it.

Jetpack is most commonly used. Almost all pro bloggers use the jetpack plugin and even use Jatpack. So let’s know.

What is jetpack plugin?

Jetpack Plugin is  made by  . It is managed by wordpress.Com. There is a lot of future involved. Which you get in the same plugin. Jetpack has been installed by more than 5 million people in their WordPress blog so far, what are its benefits, we will go further,

Benefits of using Jetpack Plugin,

While there are many advantages to using Jetpack, I will tell you its top 5 benefits,

1.Website Monitring

If you want to know when your website is offline and when it goes online, the jetpack plugin will take full care of it, (I like this future so much, I use it for this.) Whenever your If the website is offline, it immediately mails it to our email that your website has gone offline and all the information is present in it. It stays and when your website is online, then it also sends a mail that your website has been online and in this it tells how long your website has been offline,

If you want to monitor your website then you can use jetpack.

2. Auto Social Share

After you write a post on your blog, when you share your post on Soil Media, it takes a lot of time, you can share your post directly on social media using jetpack. When you write your blog and post and publish it, jetpack plugin Automatic will share your post on social media. If you want to make these tasks easier then you can use Jetpack plugin.

3. Security

All bloggers want to keep wp admin as secure as possible because they do not want their blog to be hacked, you can use many plugins for security, but in the Jetpack Plugin you get more security to login. Because of this, no one can access your wp-admin quickly. In this, you get 2 step verification security, that means whenever you login to your wp admin, then a message will be sent to your phone, there will be a code in it, you will have to enter that code only after that you will get access to the wp admin. This is the best future of jetpack plugin. And it also includes security-related and future.

4. Website Speed,

Every plugin has to install different plugins and all the plugins are made with the help of JavaScript which reduces the speed of our website, but Jetpack plugin contains many futures, due to which we install less plugin You can complete your work without doing it, which will benefit that the speed of our website will not be reduced. And there is also an option to reduce website speed in jetpack plugin.

5. Blog Stats

You want to know how many visitors come to your post and which posts get more views, then it is available in the Future jatpack plugin. In it, you will get all the information that you want to know. If we talk about any other plugin, they do not show us the real statuses, whereas we can see in the jetpack plugin.

At last

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours. If you are blogging on wordpress, then definitely use the jetpack plugin, although there is a lot of future in jetpack plugin but I have told you some important future in this post.

If you need any information, then comment below.🙂

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