Step-by-Step Guide to Start a WordPress Blog in 2021

If you are a new blogger, then do read this post once. Because I am going to share some information in it.

If you  want to earn money from Blogging. So definitely read this post once. Must have heard the name of WordPress and why it is good in the content of blogging, then we will talk about it today, so let’s know.

What is wordpress

I have already written a post on it. If you don’t know what wordpress is. So First of all, definitely know about wordprrss. And in a simple language, WordPress is a blogging platform. And it is  SEO  friendly. For more information about WordPress, you should read our post on WordPress.

Maybe now you know about WordPress, so let’s know why blogging should be done on WordPress. So follow all our steps below.

* We can do blogging without any knowledge.

If you are a new blogger and you feel that blogging on wordpress one is not an easy task, then you are completely wrong. WordPress is an easy platform to do in the medium of blogging, if you blogging on WordPress then you will not need much information here. Because you can do any work on it with the help of plugin. We do not need HTMl nor any other language on wordpress, because much of the work is done with the help of plugins.

* WordPress SEO is friendly.

In a blogging career, we   also have to take care of SEO . Because we cannot rank our blog without Seo. Wordpress is an SEO friendly software. And it comes at the top in terms of blogging. 32% of the blog / website  across the Internet is  made only on WordPress as it is the best platform for blogging.

* Most things are free on WordPress.

Probably you know most things are absolutely free on WordPress whether we talk about its theme or any plugin. We get thousands of themes and plugins for free on WordPress.

* You can make quick money on WordPress.

If you want to earn money from the Internet serially, then I will definitely ask you to blogging on WordPress. Because on WordPress you can earn money quickly. And speaking of Blogger platform, it takes time for our blog to be ranked on it because on Blogger we are not able to select target keywords whereas on WordPress we get the option to select a target keyword. With which we can rank our blog easily. And we can earn money quickly on wordpress. If I tell your experience, then you can start earning money on WordPress in 1-2 months.

* Full control will be in your hands.

One advantage of creating a blog on WordPress is that it gives us complete control, which will be good for new bloggers and if we talk about the Blogger platform, then we do not get full control in it, so that we can not make the blog the way we want. . Whereas on WordPress we can make it as we wish.

* Your time will be saved.

If you are a part time blogger and you have to manage time, then select WordPress. The more time you spend on Blogger platform, the more time you start earning money on the wordpress platform.
😎Time Is Money and Not Money is time😎

If you feel that it is wrong to invest a little money in blogging, then you are thinking completely wrong, as long as you do not invest money in blogging, you will not fulfill your need from blogging. If you want to earn real money from blogging, then start blogging on wordpress, but to start blogging on wordpress, you will have to invest a little money. Comment for more information.

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