What is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization 2021

If you are the founder of a website or blog, then you should know about the keyword.

To bring the page of any blog post or website to the top in the search engine, it is very important to do keyword research.

Today in this article we will know what is the keyword and how many types are there, why it is important to use it.

What are Keywords?

In other words:

A keyword is a topic or idea that tells what your content is about.

Hopefully, you must have understood a little about the keywords, let’s move forward, now we will fully understand the keywords.

This is the word or phrase from which more Internet users search in search engines. This is also called search queries .

This is a search term for which you want to rank your post or page, in such a case, you add that keyword (word and phrase) to your page, as well as title and meta description.

Now whenever a user searches that keyword in the search engine, in the search engine result, a link to your page comes on which you have added the keyword.

To use keywords, it is important for you to understand how people search about a topic, that is, what they write by searching in the search engine.

Therefore, being a blogger or a website author, you should use important keywords so that people search more so that when an internet user searches in the search engine, then the link of your post or page can be found in the search results.

Why are keywords important?

Such importance of keywords is because people who are searching and your content on which you have answered their query, connects both.

Let us know in a little detail.

Suppose Internet users search in search engines more often, “How to do affiliate marketing” and you have written a similar article titled “What is affiliate marketing, how to make money from it”.

Now until you do not add keywords to your post content that people search for (how to do affiliate marketing), then that search engine will not come in the results because Google will not know that your content is about the same topic Have users searched?

Therefore, you must do this keyword in your content 5-6 times because the search engine knows from this that this post (content) is about this topic.

Therefore, using keywords in content is very important.

How many types of keywords does SEO have?

Generic keywords:

This keyword helps people to know about your business when they do not choose any company or brand such as “earphone”

Broad Match Keywords:

Such keywords are also called core of CO. The broad match keyword is in little detail such as “jbl earphone”. In the traffic lane on a blog or website, there is a lot of help from keywords like this.

Long Tail Keywords:

The long tail keyword is a complete statement such as “Which JBL earphone is best under 1000”. The length of such keywords is more (5+) and is more specific.

Visitors search in search engines more quickly using ISC keywords . Therefore, such keywords have the greatest benefit in bringing traffic.

Long-tail keywords are how people actually search on the Internet.

How do you use keywords in your post?

Now the question is how to use the keyword in the post page. Because if used properly, post rank will be available in search engine.

So let’s give some tips which will help you in using keywords.

First of all, keep your content user friendly (that is, it is easy for them to read and understand, write content in this way.

You should not use your keywords in every paragraph. You have to win 1-2% of the total word of your post, almost as much as you have to use keywords in the content.

Try to do your keyword at all important places, but do not do it. Also, do not use all your keywords in the first paragraph. In the first paragraph, I should use keywords only.

If the length of your post or page content is high then you can also use keywords in subheading.

I should use keywords in the title of my post or page as well as in meta description.


Now you must understand what is the keyword, what is its significance and how do we use it in the post. Knowing this will help you a lot in doing keyword research for your post. If there is any question or suggestion related to this article, then you should comment.

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